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Roosevelt the Hunter
• 11/1/2017

Season 6 is the last season!

I am sad to say that Season 6 will be the last season of HOC. :(
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Roosevelt the Hunter
• 11/21/2017
yh mate. I feel u. feel like my walls been knocked down grr
• 1/1/2018
Well, it's been nice working with you all, despite it being mostly quiet around here, but I wish it would be able to go on just a bit longer. All good things must come to an end though.
• 2/7/2018
Let's begin with a few salient but perhaps overlooked facts about the ending of the House of Cards series.

Public shock and outrage over the sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey and he admissions have a sobering effect on all HOC fans. Without venting an moral indignation or outrage towards Mr. Spacey for his personal conduct suffice it to say HOC fans wish it were otherwise.

However, large numbers off the show's fans agree the decision to end the HOC series is premature. Frankly, whatever taint or disrepute Mr. Spacely's personal actions attach to his character (Frank Underwood) would appear to me more like putting perfume on a skunk.

I am disappointed the show's producers and Netflix's executives are throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater when Spacey's departure (and his character) were not taken as a providential opportunity to transition HOC from Frank's character narrative to Clair's.

Forgetting for the moment I would personally crawl a football field, goal post to goal post, through ignited napalm just to kiss Robin Wright's ankles (yeah I got it real bad for that lady), it is shocking the producers didn't exercise their obvious, planned, plot evolution, albeit forced by circumstances instead of choice, to pivot the next season towards Clair's ascension to the Presidency .

Is it really that difficult for the producers to envision a season finale with ICO successfully ending President Underwood with a terrorist assassination, orchestrated and abetted of course (as a new plot line) by a powerful group of vengeful, political motivated insiders (the list of Frank's enemies is too long to post here ) . Insiders who (Russian President step in here) view Clair as weakened and vulnerable without Frank? I'm nowhere near as imaginative as the HOC writers and even I get chills and goosebumps thinking up the plot twists and turns this could take (at least two seasons worth).

Anyone else agree with me?
• 2/8/2018
I see what you mean, I believe Kevin Spacey's departure from the show was so inconvenient. There seems to be a lot left as well but I can't help but feel that the plot itself was heading in the wrong direction.

I mean, the 2016 election was pretty lackluster because it didn't have a realistic output. The way they won just wasn't very possible and Will Conway being nominated was interesting, but he didn't embody the GOP. Also, having Mark Usher defect probably would've raised some eyebrows.

I have a few more things to say, but otherwise, I see where you're coming from.
• 4/20/2018
Yes, it's very sad... :(
• 3/10/2019
Omg I just watched it! I loved the flashback sequence!
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