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Roosevelt the Hunter
• 6/9/2018

Peter Russo death

Hi friends,
I am newbie in the series but since the first episode I was just hooked into it.
I am deeply shocked by the death of Peter Russo. I was liking that guy a lot... I thought he would be the top contender to defy Francis...
Man! that was so unfair. I was anxiously expecting he would compose himself and win the drugs addiction.
But in all of sudden, actually that motherfucker hooker came into the scene, and messed up everything.
I got emotional when he call her daughter outside her house, and she said she didn't like to talk with him in that situation[drugged]
Man! I am super disappointing with his death and now I am no longer excited to continue with the series.
Help me
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Roosevelt the Hunter
• 6/17/2018
Peter Russo is my little brother's favorite character too, however, he hasn't watched that far into the first season yet. I guess it could be pretty disappointing to see a decent character go out by being stabbed in the back, it also took me a bit to come to grips with that but the characters Lucas Goodwin and Tom Hammerschmit do later seek to find out what truly happened to Russo that night, if you don't mind that little spoiler.

Also, there's many more interesting characters down the road, so I wouldn't give up on the show just yet.
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