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• 8/12/2018

Spin-off talk

So as some of you might have heard, there's been a couple rumors suggesting that a House of Cards spin-off could be possible in the near future. Most notably, people are interested in Doug Stamper's background and how his overall story arc could somewhat continue the series.

While I personally believe it's just talk, the idea got me thinking about what a HoC spin-off could be like. What could one be about? Could one be set in the same universe and be even as successful?

I'm going to start this thread by throwing my opinion out there and say I think I would like to see the rise of Garrett Walker before the events of the series. I always thought he was a character I wanted to see more of after his first appearance.

What grew my interest in his unseen moments was an interview with the actor done a few years ago in which Michel Gill (actor of Walker) claimed there was a bit more to Walker in terms of who he sought advice from and why he was such a bully to whom ever agreed to be his VP.

Idk, any thoughts?
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• 10/23/2018

This series is a primer for how things are done in Washington, DC. GREAT writing! I'm binge-watching from the beginning to get ready for the final season. Sad to see it end.

• 10/25/2018
Sadly no spinoff can be based before the original, since Underwood would have to be recast. Could work for adolescent/young adult Underwood, though.
• 12/24/2018

Notice that all murderers in this series were committed by those who were unsolved? Everyone--Frank, Doug, or Claire and whoever killed Lee Ann--got away with it, and except Claire, died off. It isn't even crystal clear how Frank died. This season, of all seasons,throughout my having seen every season and every episode, has been an unrealistic and disturbing way to write a series.

In a book, I would like to see someone--which means the only one yet alive, Claire--pay for her three murders. The sixth season's trite, badly written scripts, dialogue, and tintype villains including Diane Lane's bad portrayal of an overdone ultra-rich bitch and Doug Kinnear of all people, a good actor--both of whom, without Frank, were weak, disgusting and disappointing, showing that House of Cards' writers were grasping at straws. To top it off, Claire was behaving badly and out of character as president to say the least. In a book, if it is written by a proven talent, she should get her just desserts. There were too many loose ends.

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