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Adam Galloway (born July 4, 1960) is a photographer, who was born in Shrewsbury, UK. At the age of 18 he moved to New York.


After completing his high school studies, Adam joined a traveling art company during the free love movement that brought him to the shores of San Francisco. While touring, he met Claire at a free love party in Santa Cruz and fell madly in love with her. The "Summer of 78" was their summer filled with laughter, sunshine, great food and free love.

Years later, he is still in love with Claire, even though she is married to Frank. He helps Claire in using his photos to gain donations for CWI and succeeds in rebounding with her. 

In Season 2, he is thrust into the national spotlight when Raymond Tusk leaks information that he and Claire had an affair. While originally cooperating with the Underwoods to minimize the scandal, he becomes upset after they publicly deny the claims that they agreed to privately over the phone. When Remy, working for Tusk, threatens the father of Adam's fiancee, Inez, he chooses to accept Remy's offer and leaks a photo of Claire in the shower. He then meets with the Underwoods in person to clear the air, where Claire threatens to bury him if he doesn't cooperate. Adam obliges, while also admitting that Claire is the only person he has ever hated.

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