Aidan Macallan was a data scientist and NSA contractor who aided the Underwoods in staging a cyber attack which they hoped would swing the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election in their favor.

Macallan was later kidnapped and held captive in Russia by President Viktor Petrov and eventually returned to the US where he met with LeAnn Harvey. When she later received an audio recording of him which said that if she was listening to it, it meant that he was dead, she broke down as his body was shown slumped next to his bed with a gunshot wound to his head.

LeAnn Harvey knew him for years as he was previously in a relationship with her mother.


  • Season 4 episode 8: Macallan is seen dancing without a shirt.[1]
  • Season 5 episode 10: LeAnn received an audio recording of Macallan saying "LeAnn, if you're hearing this, it means that I'm dead."
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