The attempted assassination of United States President Frank Underwood occurred on March 17, 2016, 504 days into his presidency. While greeting protestors following a rally at Hammond University in Washington, D.C., President Underwood and Secret Service Agent Edward Meechum were shot and wounded by Lucas Goodwin. While Underwood ultimately survived, Meechum was killed. Goodwin's motivation for the shooting were to avenge the death of Zoe Barnes, whom he claims was murdered by Underwood.

Assassination attempt

Speaking engagement at Hammond University

On March 17, 2016, Frank Underwood, campaigning for the Democratic nomination in 2016, attended Hammond University in Washington D.C. to give a speech. During the speech, he mentioned his intent to greet a crowd of protestors, saying diverse ideas make people wiser.


After speaking to the crowd inside, Underwood went out to greet the protestors. After roughly 30 seconds of greeting protestors, Underwood was shot twice by Lucas Goodwin. One of the bullets hit and later killed Edward Meechum. Meechum returned fire, shooting Goodwin several times as he collapsed. Goodwin was killed as well.


After the assassination attempt, Underwood was rushed to Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. The first lady Claire Underwood was in Texas at the time, and flew to D.C. immediately. The Vice President Donald Blythe was authorized as Acting President of the United States at 12:38 pm.

Underwood remained in the hospital for nine days, and was released on March 26, where he resumed all the duties of the presidency.

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