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The subject of this article appeared in the U.S. TV series.

"Depth is overrated"
— Bill Shepherd

Bill Shepherd is the brother of Annette Shepherd and the uncle of Duncan Shepherd.



  • (to Duncan Shepherd) "This towel is smarter than you. This window is smarter than you. This rug is smarter than you. [...] Seth is smarter than you. The sweat on my brow is smarter than you, Duncan. Because the sweat on my brow would have at least known not to pay an unsanctioned visit to the President of the United States."
  • "Depth is overrated"
  • (of Frederic Gustav Hamburg) "We've traded marbles, stocks... A fiance, once upon a time."
  • (of Claire Hale Underwood) "We've gotta get this woman outta there."

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