CWI gala
The CWI Charity Gala was a fundraising event, organized at the Hotel Cotesworth and managed by CWI's CEO, Claire Underwood, appearing in Chapter 5. It's purpose was to find new fundraisers and collect new funds for the Clean Water Initiative, because of rejection SanCorp's funds of $1.5M. There were 41 U.S. Congress Representatives and others invited (most noticeable Adam Galloway, the Holburns and Barney Hull). At the end of the event, about $750,000 of funds were collected, which is half of the funds, that were offered by SanCorp, but $250,000 more than it was planned.


  • Adam Galloway - gave his photographs, which where sold on the gala auction for $80,000
  • Charles and Felicity Holburn - gave two checks, one worth $XX,000 and the other one worth $60,000
  • Unknown fundraisers, who were at the CWI Charity Gala event

Involvement of Teacher's Union

Marty Spinnela, the AFT spokesperson, who was enraged because of changes to the Education bill, organized a 200-people-strike (where not all of them were teachers) and prevented that the CWI Charity Gala was organized in the rooms of Hotel Cotesworth. Despite the obstacles, the Gala was organized with the help of Frank's and CWI's employees in front of the hotel and the teacher strike was ended by Frank and Claire, who gave the initiative for handing out food to the protesters who were criticized by the media for "choosing ribs over rhetoric".

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