Casey Giallo is Senate Minority Whip and a member of the Democratic Party Leadership. Senator Giallo represents the state of New Jersey.


Along with Willard Erickson, Giallo was strongly opposed to Curtis Haas’s terms regarding entitlement reform. When Haas denied being part of the Tea Party, Giallo pointed out that he would not be in office had he not pandered to them. He proceeded to help Frank Underwood whip votes for the bill and helped him enact a Call of the House (Chapter 16).

Despite the success of the Entitlements Bill, Giallo, along with the rest of the Democratic Party Leadership, started to become disillusioned with Frank, and he was one of the ones who approached him to request he not run for President in 2016. In addition, his strong views on entitlements caused him to have reservations on America Works (Chapter 28).

Giallo attended the State Dinner honoring the visit of Viktor Petrov, and was present at the afterparty (Chapter 29).

2016 Presidential Race

Along with the rest of the Party Leadership, Giallo thought Donald Blythe would be a poor choice for a running mate (Chapter 46). Instead, he supported Dean Austen, since his pro-gun stance would balance out the ticket. In return, Giallo promised to help pass Claire Underwood's Firearms Bill. Following Austen's departure from the race, Giallo endorsed Catherine Durant for the position, since she had a neutral stance on guns (Chapter 47).

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