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Chapter 11

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Production number

Running time53 minutes

Original airdateFebruary 1, 2013

Nielsen rating

Written byKeith Huff & Kate Barnow & Beau Willimon

Directed byCarl Franklin

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Claire fuels an old flame. Peter wrestles with his demons. Francis crosses the point of no return.

Plot summary

When Frank and Zoe talk outside of the Underwoods' apartment following the scene with Zoe wearing Claire's dress, Frank hears a dog whimpering in the distance. Just before Zoe leaves, Frank admits that he was glad that he didn't have to hurt her, just as a man walking a dog crosses behind them. Given that the show-runners have admitted to meticulously planning out the series' story prior to beginning production, this is a clear foreshadowing of events transpiring at the beginning of Season 2, recalling the opening scene of the series where Frank puts a dog down.

Peter Russo continues drinking heavily, and drunkenly visits his ex-wife's house, then calls his children before turning himself in to the police station for drunk driving. Frank and Doug Stamper pick him up from the police station, from which he is driven home in his own car by Frank. Once they are parked in the garage at Peter's apartment complex, Frank encourages Peter to drink more until he passes out. Frank then wipes his fingerprints off anything he has touched before restarting the engine of Peter's car and closing the garage door, leaving Peter unconscious in the car.

The next morning, Linda calls Frank into the office with the President and Vice President, where they tell him they have decided to go through with Frank's plan of having the vice president run for governor of Pennsylvania in Peter Russo's place. In the middle of the meeting, they are informed that Peter Russo has been found dead in his garage. It is assumed by all to be suicide.

Claire returns home.


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