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Chapter 25

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Production number

Running time47 minutes

Original airdateFebruary 14, 2014

Nielsen rating

Written byBeau Willimon

Directed byJames Foley

"Chapter 24""Chapter 26"


Francis finds himself shut out and Claire makes a difficult sacrifice. Stamper tries to regain control.

Plot summary

The episode starts with Garrett Walker accusing Frank Underwood of engineering his downfall, which causes the two to break contact. Jackie Sharp is derided by Megan Hennessey in the press for opposing the sexual assault bill, and Jackie retaliates by attacking Claire. Claire tries to reconcile with Jackie and drops the bill, but this then leads to a falling out with Megan who ends up having a breakdown.

Frank convinces Catherine Durant and Heather Dunbar to offer Xander Feng immunity and asylum since the businessman has fled Dubai to escape conviction and execution for his crimes in China. As part of the deal, Feng confirms there was a laundering scheme which then forces the Walkers to waive their client privilege with their counselor Reverend Larkin so that they are fully cooperating with the investigation. Dunbar then interviews Larkin, but she discovers he was coached by the White House counsel to withhold Walker's prescription of medication from his testimony.

Meanwhile, Tusk is subpoenaed but invokes the Fifth Amendment, and Grayson worsens things by turning Tusk and Remy Danton against each other. In the end, despite her conflict with Claire, the Underwoods convince Jackie to help in guiding Walker's impeachment. Their argument is that not doing so will spell disaster for the Democratic Party in the upcoming midterm elections.

By the end of the episode, Doug lets his feelings get the best of him and demands that Rachel kick Lisa out, which she eventually is forced to do. Meanwhile, Gavin Orsay is trying to get Agent Green to let him go free.


The following characters appeared in this chapter.

Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters


  • When Walker accuses Frank of wanting to challenge Walker for the Presidency in 2016, Frank says that "A Vice President has never challenged a sitting President." This is actually untrue. A sitting Vice President not only challenged his sitting President but also has defeated the sitting President. In the 1800 election, Incumbent Vice President Thomas Jefferson (Republican) had challenged and defeated Incumbent President John Adams (Federalist) who was seeking re-election. Jefferson victory over Adams made Adams the first President to lose re-election. However, they could be talking about running against each other for the nomination. Adams and Jefferson were of the opposite party while Frank and Walker are part of the same party.
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