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Chapter 31

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Production number

Running time

Original airdateFebruary 27, 2015

Nielsen rating

Written byKenneth Lin

Directed byJames Foley

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Chapter 31 is the fifth episode of Season 3 of House of Cards. It originally aired on February 27, 2015, along with the rest of the third season.


Frank declares war on Congress to jump-start his jobs program. Claire spars with the Russian Ambassador.


Frank enlists the help of the mayor of the District of Columbia to help him kickstart his America Works program. Since he fired his Secretary of Homeland Security, FEMA reports directly to him. He appropriates money from FEMA to fund America Works.

Frank encourages Jackie to run for President in 2016 and speak out against Frank and America Works to divert the pressure Dunbar has been putting on Frank about Russia. In return, once Dunbar is out of the picture, Frank promises Jackie to make her his Vice President for the 2016 election. Jackie discusses with Remy her fear of not being married or having a family to gain support.

Stamper further pursues to offer his services to work Dunbar. Kate Baldwin fills in for Ayla Sayyad as the White House correspondent for the Wall Street Telegraph. Palestine follows Israel in withdrawing support from the peace-keeping resolution because Israel was being threatened by Russia selling arms to Iran. Since there is no consensus, Claire withdraws the resolution until the consensus can be regained. Both Mendoza and Birch meet with Frank and tell him that both parties will fight against America Works in Congress.

Jackie gets engaged to Alan Cooke, to Remy’s displeasure. Stamper shows Dunbar documents that prove Claire lied about her abortion, which he suggests Dunbar use against Underwood. Even though Dunbar is appalled and refuses to use the information, she hires Stamper.

Claire asks Frank to make an Executive order to commit troops in Israel thus regaining support for the peace-keeping resolution. Russia agrees to peacefully talk over a compromise for the resolution and release Corrigan.


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