Chapter 35

Season 3 Chapter 35

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Production number

Running time

Original airdateFebruary 27, 2015

Nielsen rating

Written byJohn Mankiewicz

Directed byRobin Wright

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Chapter 35 is the ninth episode of Season 3 of House of Cards. It aired on February 27, 2015, along with the rest of season 3.


The Jordan Valley erupts in chaos just as Frank's campaign is picking up steam. Claire gets disturbing intel and counsels him.


Yates and Baldwin continue their liaison as Frank begins to campaign in Iowa. While issuing a rousing speech in support of America Works, Frank is informed that eight Russians have been killed in the Jordan Valley. He cuts the rally short and promptly returns to Washington.

Remy and Jackie Sharp meet, their former relationship continuing to haunt the pair. Gavin tells Doug he has discovered that Rachel is dead; Doug, distressed, relapses completely and spends the night drinking.

The situation in the Jordan Valley takes a turn for the worse—Israel wants to publicly blame Palestine for the attack, and masses troops near the valley. Russian President Petrov blames the death of Russian soldiers on the United States, and refuses Underwood’s offer of assistance in determining the cause of the soldiers’ deaths.

Claire meets with Ambassador Moryakov, who implies to her that the Russian FSB was behind the deaths; the explosion was an attempt by Petrov to sabotage the entire peacekeeping mission, which he opposed from the start. As a result, and in spite of questionable risks, the President approves a mission that will send U.S. operatives to the site of the blast to determine its cause.

Remy, shaken by a run-in with police after being pulled over in D.C., visits Jackie’s apartment building; she tells him that she will always be there for him, as a friend. Doug goes to the White House to inform Frank of Rachel’s apparent death.

Doug tells Frank that he is drunk, and breaks down in the Oval Office. Frank sends him home, with Meechum to keep an eye on him. Frank places the blame for Doug’s relapse on Heather Dunbar (who Doug had been working for), and threatens her.

In the Situation Room, he watches the special operation in the Jordan Valley unfold; it fails, and the mission is aborted. Petrov calls Frank, informing him that footage of the operation has been leaked to the Israelis. Frank, enraged, hangs up—the entire Jordan Valley operation is now in danger.


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