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Chapter 41

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Production number

Running time

Original airdateMarch 4, 2016

Nielsen rating

Written byMelissa James Gibson

Directed byTucker Gates

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Chapter 41 is the second episode of Season 4 of House of Cards. It aired on March 4th, 2016, along with the rest of season 4.


Claire starts her own power play, putting her and Frank at odds with each other.

Plot summary

Claire starts her own power play for Doris Jones' congressional seat, putting her and Frank at odds with each other. Elizabeth speaks to her friends, urging them to indirectly donate to Dunbar's campaign. Frank makes last minute changes to his speech before delivering the State of the Union address, and during the speech, he announces that he will be fully funding Doris' health care center, and throws in his support for Celia to take over the seat after Doris retires; effectively ending Claire's chances at the seat.

In the Situation Room, Frank is told that Russian President Viktor Petrov has had several political rivals killed, and that Mr. Milkin, a business owner, has come to the U.S. requesting asylum. Frank, Linda and Cathy call Petrov to discuss the situation, and Petrov accuses Frank of sponsoring an attempted coup against him. In the meantime, Lucas Goodwin is released from prison under witness protection, and is settled into an apartment under an alias. Claire and Elizabeth argue about money for her campaign, and Claire threatens to sell the family property that is in her name.


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