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Chapter 45

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Production number

Running time

Original airdateMarch 4, 2016

Nielsen rating

Written byLaura Eason

Directed byTom Shankland

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Chapter 45 is the sixth episode of Season 4 of House of Cards. It aired on March 4th, 2016, along with the rest of season 4.


Claire clashes with Catherine Durant over her involvement in the negotiations with Russia. Dunbar has to choose between her campaign and her moral values.

Plot summary

Blythe, Tusk, and the cabinet discuss Claire's Russian economic assistance plan, including the sharing of U.S. oil drilling technologies in exchange for China carrying a larger part of the bailout's cost. Blythe intended to present the plan at the upcoming G7 Summit in Brandenburg, Germany. Claire and Durant argue over Claire's involvement in the process, but Blythe adds Claire to the G7 delegation anyways. Petrov refuses to negotiate with Durant, but will talk with Claire. After arguing the terms, she tells him Petrov is a beggar, and will take what he is given.

Dunbar is brought before the Department of Justice for questioning about her meeting with Lucas. She admits to it, and uses the opportunity to go after Frank and his administration, but this effectively ends her candidacy. In the meantime, LeAnn is told that GOP candidate Conway is manipulating search engine hits to increase his visibility for the election, which may be an insurmountable advantage. She tells Claire this, but Claire is too preoccupied to address the issue.

Stamper intimidates the Secretary of Health to make sure Frank is next on the list for liver transplants. As they wait for a donor, Frank hallucinates about Zoe and Russo, his victims. A teenager's suicide provides a viable liver, and Frank goes into surgery. He is moved to the White House as soon as he can talk, and as he recovers from surgery, he asks Claire, "Stay with me." She insists things would have to be different than before, and he agrees. He is later shown signing the bailout agreement Claire created.



This episode marks the return of deceased characters Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes who were both killed by Frank in Season 1 and 2 respectively. Their appearance occured during a bout of hallucinations of Frank's. Frank follows what at first appears to be Claire in a dark crowded corridor of the West Wing, which also appears to be inside a train. But upon getting closer to her, Claire really turns out to be Zoe. He follows Zoe to the oval office where she proceeds to seduce him on the couch. They two grope each other when Peter gets their attention by doing Frank's signature knock on wood on the desk. While Frank tries desperately to escape from them, Peter sings while Zoe fondles and kisses all over Peter's body. Then both attack Frank violently and sexually. These hallucinations of the two are obviously Frank subconciously feeling somewhat guilty and haunted by their murders. Frank gets his liver transplant.

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