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Chapter 52

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Production number

Running time

Original airdateMarch 4, 2016

Nielsen rating

Written byBeau Willimon

Directed byJakob Verbruggen

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Chapter 52 is the thirteenth episode and the season finale of Season 4 of House of Cards. It aired on March 4th, 2016, along with the rest of season 4.


As the hostage crisis continues, Claire starts negotiating with Yusuf al Ahmadi. Frank confronts Hammerschmidt.


Frank demands the hostage takers release Caroline and Melissa Miller. Meanwhile, Claire negotiates with Yusuf al Ahmadi, who was being held in Guantánamo Bay. The girl and her mother are rescued by the FBI after the hostage takers disclose their location, though James remains a hostage. Ahmadi says he'll help negotiate James' release, but when he goes on the line with the hostage takers, he breaks the agreement.

Hammerschmidt asks for an interview with Frank regarding his article. Frank calls the story "unsubstantiated tabloid gossip" being used as political ammunition. Hammerschmidt publishes the article without an official comment from Frank, and Jackie and Remy go into hiding soon after its release.

In the meantime, the FBI and Homeland Security take control of the surveillance algorithm. Without Aidan and Stamper in control, their use of algorithm in the election is at risk of being exposed.

The Underwoods discuss how to handle their vulnerable position, and Claire suggests leveraging people's fear. Frank makes a speech to the public, telling the nation to prepare for total war against ICO. The end of the episode shows the Underwoods and the cabinet sitting in the Situation Room watching the terrorists' live video of James Miller's execution, and both Frank and Claire break the fourth wall.


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