Chapter 58


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Production number

Running time

Original airdateMay 30, 2017

Nielsen rating

Written byBill Kennedy

Directed byMichael Morris

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Chapter 58 is the sixth episode of Season 5 of House of Cards. It originally aired on May 30, 2017, along with the rest of the fifth season.


In the midst of uncertainty, suspected Russian forces take over an American station in Antarctica. Meanwhile, a damaging news leak could hurt Frank.


Claire takes the oath of office, becoming Acting President of the United States until the House of Representatives votes on who will become President again, which is days away. Frank says that he is proud of her and she deserves this, even if it's just for a few weeks.

Cathy Durant informs Claire and Frank that a research facility in Antarctica has been taken over by an unidentified military group. She suspects the Russians, but nobody is sure. Also, the Congressional black caucus is considering supporting Conway instead of Frank.

Frank and Claire both call Viktor Petrov. Meanwhile, it appears that Aidan MacAllen has been kidnapped and may be forced to reveal the Underwoods most incriminating secrets.

Claire asks LeAnn if the House voting will benefit Frank. LeAnn says that will benefit Frank, but might not benefit her. Claire asks whether or not Frank would like to hold new elections in Ohio and Tennessee, the states that did not certify their election results. Frank says that he wouldn't do any better in the states, but Claire proposes it to party leaders nonetheless.

Conway, having heard rumors the congressional black caucus is considering withdrawing support from Underwood, is convinced to go to meet with them. However, the meeting goes very poorly. On the plane back to New York, Conway berates the pilot for not giving him controls of the plane, and declares maniacally that he will be President.

Meanwhile, Hammerschmidt discovers that one of his employees looked at his notes and visited Lisa Williams, prompting Hammerschmidt to fire him. Hammerschmidt later looks through a storage unit belonging to Zoe Barnes.

To avoid a mixed-ticket White House, Frank and Claire are able to convince Conway's campaign manager to support new elections in Ohio and Tennessee, so long as the Speaker of the House approves.

Claire, Frank, and Cathy learn that the Russians are the ones who have kidnapped Aidan. That night, Frank, unnerved by his lack of influence in the White House, lays on the bedroom floor, discussing the meeting with Conway's campaign manager. Frank claims that they're in sync as Claire leaves the room.