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Chapter 60


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Production number

Running time

Original airdateMay 30, 2017

Nielsen rating

Written byJohn Mankiewicz

Directed byRoxann Dawson

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Chapter 60 is the eighth episode of Season 5 of House of Cards. It aired on May 30, 2017, along with the rest of the fifth season.


While Frank attends an elite men's weekend gathering to firm up support, Claire deals with a stranded Russian ship and threats from Petrov.


Several dozen cloaked men worship an owl-like creature. One of these men is Frank, who explains that he is at this weekend retreat to firm up support in time for the upcoming elections in Ohio and Tennessee. Among those attending are Raymond Tusk, Ted Brockhart, Mark Usher, and Benjamin Grant, the head of Pollyhop.

Claire is woken up in the middle of the night and hurried into the situation room. She’s told that a Russian research vessel has begun to sink in the Antarctic, containing more than a hundred people.

The next morning, Frank and Brockhart chat about the Al Ahmadi situation from the previous episode, tension still between the two.

Claire and Jane Davis negotiate with China to discuss trade and tariffs. Jane reveals that China is willing to help with the rescue, and that there’s an American on board the ship. Claire asks for proof that there is an American on board. An audio recording is sent from the boat, with the identified American's wife claiming to recognize his voice, but Claire still insists this is not proof he's on the boat.

In the woods, Frank tries to get into contact with Doug, and tells him that Brockhart is making a deal with Tusk and he needs to stop it. Frank then remembers something that Tusk mentioned ('a little restraint would be unexpected') and tells Doug not to act on it until he says so.

Claire negotiates a one percent raise in the tariff deal in exchange for the rescue and the Chinese getting credit for the rescue even though the United States will be in charge. Though China is hesitant at first, the rescue mission goes through and China gets credit, but the lost American was not found.

Frank prepares to leave the retreat, but on his way out, Grant gives him the recording of Conway in the airplane swearing at the pilots. Frank listens to this on his way home and says to wait before using it.

The next day, Frank and Claire meet with Usher in the Oval Office, informing him that they have the Conway recording. Usher is well aware of what recording they're referring to. Claire and Frank are able to recruit Usher to their side as Usher advises them on how to release the recording.