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Christina Gallagher is an American political staffer and the ex-girlfriend of her former boss and Pennsylvania politician Peter Russo.


Peter Russo's chief of staff and girlfriend

Christina Gallagher was Representative Peter Russo's Chief of Staff and girlfriend. As their private and professional lives overlapped, the two functioned in tandem at work when dealing with Russo's constituency matters from the Pennsylvania's 1st congressional district. Though not aware of the gory details of Russo's various vices, she was a first hand witness of the effects of his addictions. Later, she decided to take an offer from the office of the Speaker of the House, Bob Birch, to be their Deputy Legislative Director but declined after learning of Peter's discomfort with it. However, after breaking up with him, took the same job.

Russo's gubernatorial campaign

During Russo's gubernatorial campaign, Underwood was able to get Christina to return to Peter. She managed his campaign and resumed their relationship.

Post Russo's death

After his death, she proceeded to manage his congressional office and even tried to get Paul Capra, a friend of Russo, to run for his seat. Later, she was constantly approached by Janine Skorsky and Zoe Barnes about information regarding Russo's death and closing of the Philadelphia shipyard.

Working for the President

She was appointed for a position serving President Walker by his Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez, sometime after Underwood was tapped for becoming the Vice President. She earned the trust of the President and relayed occasionally vital information to Underwood. In the months following the death of Zoe Barnes, Christina was repeatedly contacted by Lucas Goodwin for information concerning Russo's death. In July 2014, recognizing the First Lady Patricia Walker's lack of poise and self-confidence, Second Lady Claire Underwood asked her to approach the First Lady to make her feel more comfortable which turned into an awkward conversation and made the Second Lady suspicious about her intentions towards the President. Later, after Vasquez's resignation, she was removed from the staff as well by the President in an effort to save his marriage.


A competent, skillful, and hard worker, she is very motivated when it comes to furthering her career. On numerous occasions, she displayed flexibility, quick thinking, and timely execution in regards to the work at hand. Young and non-confrontational, Christina shows a mixture of naïveté and willful ignorance in certain situations.

Behind the Scenes

Christina Gallagher was portrayed by Kristen Connolly in Seasons 1 and 2 of House of Cards.


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