Darnell Hayes is the son of Freddy Hayes.


Darnell's life prior to Chapter 22 is mostly unknown.

During Seth Grayson's advice to Frank Underwood, regarding Frank's media statement on Freddy being a good citizen, it is revealed, that Darnell already spent some time in jail, with his felonies including narcotics, trafficking, and distribution of illegal substances.

Season 2

After his father, Freddy Hayes, gained media attention in The Sun, an investor with plans of expanding the small Freddy's BBQ Joint into a franchise with multiple restaurants, Freddy visits Darnell after a presumably long time. Freddy presents the job opportunity to Darnell but he initially declines it. After Darnell realizes that the Joint really has a lot of customers lately, he shows up at the Joint, ready to help.

Due to his concerns for the safety transferring the big amount of earned money that day in the Joint, he offers his father a gun but Freddy denies it and demands of Darnell to get rid of it, as he is on parole and shouldn't make mistakes.

Reporter threatening incident

Darnell threatening reporter

Darnell threatening a reporter.

The following day, father and son are seen walking to work, interrupted by various photojournalists. Darnell is quickly annoyed by a photographer, who vows his right to the First Amendment, allowing him to take photographs of Darnell whenever he wants. To scare the photographer off, Darnell pulls a gun and threatens him. In a matter of seconds, he realizes his mistake and runs away, while his father shouting "Darnell, parole!" and being photographed by the journalists.

Eventually, the threatening of a reporter gave the already crumbled franchise deal by other media, orchestrated by Raymond Tusk, the end. Possibly, it also induced a revision of the parole, resulting in another incarceration.

Behind the Scenes

Darnell Hayes was portrayed by Malcolm Goodwin in Season 2 of House of Cards.


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