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Jacqueline A. "Jackie" Sharp is the Deputy House Minority Whip of the United States House of Representatives and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 5th congressional district. She previously served as House Majority Whip.


Jackie is a fourth-term Congresswoman from California's 5th congressional district. She is also a war veteran and speaks with Frank about having caused the deaths of many innocent civilians during her service.  She ran for President in 2016, but withdrew and ultimately endorsed Heather Dunbar instead.

Season 2[]

Becoming Majority Whip[]

When Frank Underwood resigns as House Majority Whip to accept the Vice Presidency, he offers his services to help her succeed him, behind the backs of the top two candidates for the office. She is able to secure the position, but only after stabbing her financier and closest friend Ted Havemeyer in the back. She does so by providing information about his illegitimate daughter to rival Wes Buchwalter in exchange for his support. She additionally becomes romantically associated with Remy Danton, although they end up separating after Remy, under Tusk's orders, threatens to expose her involvement in leaking information about Havemeyer's daughter.

Sexual Assault Bill[]

When Second Lady Claire Underwood drafts the Countering Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces Act of 2014 (CSAAFA) which also enjoys the support of First Lady Tricia Walker and Congresswoman Elaine Brooks, she intially agrees to endorse the bill but then shows reluctance do it out of her personal disbelief in civilian oversight over military activities and concern over the "shitstorm" it could raise before the midterms. This leads to a spat between her and Claire and at one point also leads Frank to confront her in her office with her relationship with Danton, in an effort to force her to lend her support to the bill. Tensions reach a head when during a interview by Megan Hennessey (a sexual assault survivor and media face for the bill), Sharp calls in and publicly criticizes Claire. However, Claire later offers to withdraw the bill and work with Sharp to introduce a passable bill, as part of the Underwoods' strategy and then convince her to whip votes in favor of President Garrett Walker's impeachment.

Season 3[]

2014 Midterms[]

After a Republican victory in the 2014 Midterms, Jackie loses her place as House Majority Whip, and becomes the Assistant House Minority Whip, although managing to get re-elected in an uphill battle at home.  Along with Bob Birch and Terry Womack, she openly refuses to endorse Frank Underwood should he seek re-election in 2016 and criticises his use of FEMA money to fund America Works. At some point before Season 3 she begins dating cardiovascular surgeon Alan Cooke.

Presidential Campaign 2016[]

When the President's then Chief of Staff Danton approaches her about information regarding the leadership's reluctance to support Underwood's re-election, she asks for the Vice Presidential nomination in return. Underwood creates a plan where Sharp announces her campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination, drops out at the right time and endorses himafter which he will nominate her as Vice President of the United States to replace the unpopular Donald Blythe.

Concerned she will receive little support in her campaign as, unlike Heather Dunbar, she doesn't have a family, Jackie marries Alan Cooke and becomes stepmother to his two children. Before the Iowa Caucus debate, Underwood encourages her to criticise Dunbar for sending her children to a private boarding school, which contrasts to her public stance on education. Jackie does this, but Underwood unexpectedly begins criticising her, as her husbands children also attend private school. Although Underwood claims he did so to dispel potential rumours of them working together, Jackie drops out, endorses Dunbar and later begins to help her campaign. Later, she resumes her relationship with Remy Danton while cheating on her husband.

Season 4[]

After President Underwood's attempted assassination, Sharp is forced by Claire to back the deal designed by Raymond Tusk to provide Russia with an economic bailout in partnership with China, by threatening her about her relationship with Danton.

During the Democratic National Convention 2016 at Atlanta, when Secretary of State Catherine Durant emerges as a candidate for the Presidential nomination after receiving votes from Louisiana, Jackie helps her out by calling members of the California delegation and telling them that Underwood took her for granted as well as bullied and intimidated her.

When Tom Hammerschmidt contacts her about allegations of corruption against Underwood, she decides to go on record and convinces Danton to do the same. As Republican Presidential nominee William Conway's Super PAC targets every Californian democrat in a tight race (including Jackie), she realizes she has a narrow shot at winning and even if she does win, she must function in a Republican controlled Congress with a Republican President or do Underwood's bidding for four years. This leads her to tell Alan about her affair and they decide to divorce when everything quiets down.

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