Kate Baldwin is a Pulitzer winning journalist for The Wall Street Telegraph. She replaces Ayla Sayyad as the Telegraph's White House correspondent.


Baldwin had a successful career as a journalist, winning both a Pulitzer and Peabody Award. At some point she mentored Ayla Sayyad, referring to her as her protégé. Before returning to the White House as Ayla's replacement, she was the Chief of the Wall Street Telegraph's London bureau.

Season 3

White House Correspondent

Baldwin is sent from the Telegraph's London bureau after her predecessor is dismissed by Seth Grayson. Secure that she won't face similar dismissal (as Grayson could not be seen to fire two female reporters in a row), Baldwin gets to work. She meets with FEMA Administrator Arnold Silva, and using the information he gives writes two articles about Frank Underwood using FEMA funds for America Works and how he fired Secretary of Homeland Security Steve Travers when he objected.

Baldwin later publishes an article revealing how US Navy SEALS were involved in a black-ops mission in the Jordan Valley, despite the Underwood Administration claiming the death of a Navy SEAL at the hands of Russian troops was caused by a training accident. She later writes an extensive opinion piece on Frank Underwood, criticizing his Administrations policies as tyrannical. However, her superiors at The Wall Street Telegraph refuse to publish it, as it differs considerably from her former work.

Relationship with Tom Yates

Baldwin and Tom Yates become friendly when they begin talking whilst she is covering the Underwoods visit to Gaffney to renew their marriage vows. They later enter a romantic relationship. This becomes strained and is eventually ended as Tom becomes closer personally to the Underwoods, in contrast to Kate who begins to view their leadership as tyrannical.

Behind the Scenes

Kate Baldwin was portrayed by Kim Dickens in Seasons 3 and 4 of House of Cards.


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