Lisa Williams is a member of The Fellowship and lover of Rachel Posner.


Lisa asks Rachel what she is listening to on a bus. Rachel shares her headphones with Lisa and she says she enjoys the music. Lisa offers Rachel a pamphlet from The Fellowship and invites her to check it out.

Afterwards, Lisa moves into Rachel's apartment and they begin a relationship. Doug Stamper grows wary of their relationship and eventually forces Rachel to ask Lisa to leave, thus ending their relationship.

Following Stamper's recovery, he asks Gavin Orsay to track down Rachel Posner. Orsay visits Williams and, using the pseudonym "Max", establishes a friendship with her. In order to maintain his disguise and get her to talk, Orsay tells her a number of lies, including one about being diagnosed with HIV. Regretting the things he's done, he leaves his guinea pig, Cashew, in her possession.

While the results of the presidential election are still unclear, Lisa has an appointment with Tom Hammerschmidt at the Washington Herald offices and blames Stamper for Rachel's disappearance. However, she is unable to show any evidence and Hammerschmidt is reluctant to trust her.

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