Megan Hennessey was one of the Marines sexually assaulted by General Dalton McGinnis. She agreed to help Claire in passing a bill that would allow civilian prosecution of people in the military who are accused of sexual assault.

Although Megan showed signs of being unstable - notably seen spilling dozens of medications on the floor in the Underwood's kitchen - Claire still wanted to use Megan to further her cause.  


Megan steps into the story with a telephone call she made to CNN, during the 2014 Underwood CNN Interview, where Claire has revealed to be sexually assaulted by General Dalton McGinnis (Chapter 17). At first, Megan doesn't want to share her story with the world, but after Claire gave her the required courage, she was included in the interview.

She later visited Claire in person to give a statement at a press conference. Claire attempted to prep her for event when she started to act nervous, however, her anxiety took over and she admitted to Claire that she wasn't a model person to have as a leading voice in conversation surrounding sexual assault. Despite being pressured to go on by Claire, she ultimately left without giving her statement.

After testifying in Dalton McGinnis' trial and further contact from Claire, Megan became inspired to become an activist for victims like herself and confidently took on interviews with major media outlets. During a live interview on MSNBC with Chris Hayes, Majority Whip Jackie Sharp called in to attack Claire's use of her to promote the sex assault bill. However, Megan defended Claire's actions but suffered from a nervous breakdown after fumbling with her words.

Claire later informed her that they would be dropping support for the bill due to Jackie's opposition to it but told Megan they hadn't lost. Feeling betrayed, Megan claimed Claire was giving up on victims and became disillusioned with her role in helping her. She was eventually put on medication for her instabilities, making Claire regret putting her through the media blitz without having considered her condition.

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