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Nancy Kaufberger was a secretary who worked for Frank Underwood and with Doug Stamper.


She is mostly seen working at her office and is always willing to give help to Frank or Doug. She even gives Rachel Posner a home while Doug gets a job and place for her to live.

After Frank became the Vice-President, Nancy continued to work in the Democratic Whip's office under Jackie Sharp. However, she showed her loyalties still lied with Frank after she revealed Jackie had been seeing Remy Danton behind the leadership's back while Frank was at war with Raymond Tusk.

Following Frank's Inauguration as 46th President of the United States, Nancy was employed as the Secretary to the President of the United States. She was frequently mentioned whenever Frank had to rearrange the White House's schedule or meet with members of his cabinet.

Behind the Scenes

Nancy Kaufberger was portrayed by Elizabeth Norment in Seasons 1 and 2. Though not seen, she was frequently mentioned in a few episodes of Season 3.


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