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Paul Capra is a senior union official in South Philadelphia and a lifelong friend of Peter Russo's. He was the main campaigner against the closing of the Philadelphia shipyard.


Not much is known about Capra's life before the vents of the series, but his conversations with Peter reveal they were childhood friends. Paul is married and has at least three children.

Season 1

Capra is first seen reminding Peter Russo about the importance of the upcoming BRAC hearing which Peter remembers but is later blackmailed by Frank Underwood to maintain his silence or risk having his numerous misdeeds, including the run-in with the police, revealed.

After Peter Russo's failure to prevent the closure of the Philadelphia Shipyard, Capra arrives at Russo's office to berate him for what he feels is a betrayal, but is promptly asked to leave.

Later, while trying to gain the support of the Shipbuilder's Association, Russo tells Capra that he plans to run for Governor and promises to fix everything with the Watershed Bill he's been working on. Capra only ridicules the thought because he still doesn't forgive him for letting the workers of the shipyard down. Russo later shows up at Capra's house and the two fight, before deciding to work together to convince the Association to support him after reminiscing about fighting during their childhood.

We last see Capra after Russo's death, when he is invited to Russo's office by Christina to talk about the possibility of him running for Russo's seat in Congress.

Behind the Scenes

  • Paul Capra was portrayed by Wass Stevens in Season 1 of House of Cards.
  • The character's name seems to be a nod to director Frank Capra, who is famous for directing the movie "Mr. Smith goes to Washington".


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