Remy Danton is the former Chief of Staff for President Frank Underwood. Previously, he worked for Frank on Capitol Hill while he served as House Majority Whip. Following that he was also a partner at the lobbyist firm of Glendon Hill where his main responsibility is as a Washington lobbyist for SanCorp, a natural gas company.


Danton and SanCorp industries provide hefty sums of money to various political campaigns that Frank Underwood promotes. In return, SanCorp expects Underwood's assistance in promoting legislation that benefits their natural gas company. Danton also convinced Claire Underwood to backstab Frank by offering to help her to move a cargo shipment of water supplies through South Sudanese customs in exchange for her help in killing a bill that Peter Russo was sponsoring. He also switched allegiances from SanCorp to Tusk after being approached by Frank to persuade SanCorp to buy out some of Tusk's companies.


He worked for Frank Underwood as his Press Secretary for eight years.


Danton is serious and shown to be very concerned about the companies he works for, and seeks to accomplish the companies' main goals. However, he is shown to have a lighter side. Jackie Sharp noted that he is a shameless flirt, to which Danton admits, adding, however, that he just flirts and doesn't care for one-night stands.


  • He was given a watch by Frank Underwood with an inscription of a quote by Winston Churchill: "To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often."
  • He was seen speaking French with his parents while visiting them in Florida.

Behind the Scenes

Remy Danton is currently portrayed by Mahershala Ali .


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