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Remy Danton is the former Chief of Staff for President Frank Underwood. Previously, he worked for Frank on Capitol Hill while he served as House Majority Whip. Following that he was also a partner at the lobbyist firm of Glendon Hill where his main responsibility is as a Washington lobbyist for SanCorp, a natural gas company.


Danton and SanCorp industries provide hefty sums of money to various political campaigns that Frank Underwood promotes. In return, SanCorp expects Underwood's assistance in promoting legislation that benefits their natural gas company. Danton also convinced Claire Underwood to backstab Frank by offering to help her to move a cargo shipment of water supplies through South Sudanese customs in exchange for her help in killing a bill that Peter Russo was sponsoring. He also switched allegiances from SanCorp to Tusk after being approached by Frank to persuade SanCorp to buy out some of Tusk's companies.


He worked for Frank Underwood as his Press Secretary for eight years.

Season 2[]

Remy is hired a way from Glendon Hill by Raymond Tusk to help him combat Frank's influence on Garrett Walker. While Remy successfully helps Tusk navigate the challenges Frank gives them, Remy ultimately decides to side with Frank which ends up leaving Tusk exposed in multiple scandals, including campaign finance violations, just as he's preparing to give testimony under subpoena in a Congressional hearing.

Season 3[]

After Frank Underwood ascends to the Presidency in the wake of Garrett Walker's resignation, Remy rejoins Frank working as the White House Chief of Staff in Doug Stamper's absence. Frank asks Remy to exploit his personal relationship with Jackie Sharp to bring her into the Democratic Presidential Primary against Heather Dunbar. Remy continues to have feelings for Sharp despite their sexual relationship ending long before; Sharp becomes engaged to and subsequently marries Washington-area surgeon Alan Cooke who has two kids, which Remy congratulates her for and points out it paints a complete family picture that can compete against Dunbar's.

Remy continues to struggle and be distracted by his affection for Sharp, which which leads to a wrongful arrest by DC Metro Police following a traffic stop for speeding, for which he is released at the scene by the brass. Later, while Frank is rehearsing for a debate against Dunbar and Sharp, Frank asks Remy's opinion on a detail for which Remy admits he was distracted thinking about a foreign policy question.

Remy was incensed at Frank's actions during the primary debate in Iowa between Frank, Dunbar, and Jackie when Frank unexpectedly threw Jackie under the bus by pointing out the hypocrisy of her criticism against Dunbar for the latter sending her kids to private schools. He confronted Frank in the Oval Office while Frank was taking a smoking break and chatting with Freddy, but Frank dresses Remy down the same way he had previously dressed down Jackie when she came to him to complain about their "dynamic". When Jackie announces that she's suspending her campaign and throwing her support behind Dunbar, Seth Grayson is outraged, quietly calling Jackie a "Judas bitch", to which he immediately apologizes to Remy, who is nearby, as Seth knows Remy still has feelings for her. When Seth theorizes what Dunbar might've offered Jackie to end her campaign, Remy replies "nothing", removes his government pin, and hands it over to Seth as a symbol of his resignation from the Underwood Administration. He then suggests that Seth call Frank, and he departs the White House.

With Jackie back at her post in Congress, Remy visits her at her office on the Hill casually dressed. Jackie offers him a job on her campaign staff, admitting that the pay wouldn't be as good as Glendon Hill. Remy immediately refuses, surprising Jackie, and explains that he's done with politics altogether. Jackie doesn't believe him at first until he also suggests he may not even remain in DC. Jackie later visits Remy at his apartment, saddened that he declined her job offer because she was hoping it was a way they could stay close despite her marriage to Alan, at which point she and Remy reignite their sexual affair.

Season 4[]

After Claire leaves Frank, Remy becomes suspicious of LeAnne Harvey whom he suspects is working for Claire though he hasn't quite deduced to what end. Later, after Frank is hospitalized and unconscious following Lucas Goodwin's failed assassination attempt, Remy approaches Raymond Tusk again and extorts him to join his proposal for an American-Chinese joint energy venture that will resolve the oil shortage America is going through. Remy threatens Raymond, who reminds him he's already been pardoned, which Remy then reminds him in turn that he was pardoned for money laundering but not perjury and that Tusk failed to mention that he was working with Frank. Tusk agrees and the two meet in the Oval Office with Vice President Donald Blythe serving as acting-president under the 25th Amendment and Claire who was there at Donald's request.


Danton is serious and shown to be very concerned about the companies he works for, and seeks to accomplish the companies' main goals. However, he is shown to have a lighter side. Jackie Sharp noted that he is a shameless flirt, to which Danton admits, adding, however, that he just flirts and doesn't care for one-night stands.


  • He was given a watch by Frank Underwood with an inscription of a quote by Winston Churchill: "To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often."
  • He was seen speaking French with his parents while visiting them in Florida.

Behind the Scenes[]

Remy Danton is currently portrayed by Mahershala Ali .


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