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Original run February 27, 2015
No. of Episodes 13
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 July 7, 2015
Blu-ray Disc release
Region A July 7, 2015
Previous Season 2
Next Season 4

Season 3 of House of Cards was announced on February 4, 2014 and was released in its entirety on February 27, 2015.


President Underwood fights to secure his legacy. Claire wants more than being First Lady. The biggest threat they face is contending with each other.


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Recurring cast


Picture Title Number Episode Number Air-date
Season 3 Chapter 27.jpg "Chapter 27" 27 1 February 27, 2015
A rocky start for the Underwood Presidency. Frank wants to introduce an ambitious jobs program, while Claire sets her sights on the United Nations.
Season 3 Chapter 28.jpg "Chapter 28" 28 2 February 27, 2015
Claire’s U.N. bid runs into trouble. Frank fights off mutiny with a bold address to the country.
Season 3 Chapter 29.jpg "Chapter 29" 29 3 February 27, 2015
The Russian president’s state visit becomes a cold war of wills, and some punks heat things up.
Season 3 Chapter 30.jpg "Chapter 30" 30 4 February 27, 2015
Claire bypasses Russia at the U.N. Frank tries to outmaneuver a potential challenger and ends up face to face with a higher power.
Season 3 Chapter 31.jpg "Chapter 31" 31 5 February 27, 2015
Frank declares war on Congress to jump-start his jobs program. Claire spars with the Russian Ambassador.
Season 3 Chapter 32.jpg "Chapter 32" 32 6 February 27, 2015
Frank and Claire travel to Moscow to negotiate the return of an imprisoned U.S. citizen. Claire takes a stand that jeopardizes their plans.
Season 3 Chapter 33.jpg "Chapter 33" 33 7 February 27, 2015
The damage is done and the Underwoods must repair it. But deep wounds don't heal fast, and sometimes not at all.
Season 3 Chapter 34.jpg "Chapter 34" 34 8 February 27, 2015
A hurricane endangers more than just the entire East Coast and Frank must make a difficult choice.
Season 3 Chapter 35.jpg "Chapter 35" 35 9 February 27, 2015
The Jordan Valley erupts in chaos just as Frank's campaign is picking up steam. Claire gets disturbing intel and counsels him.
Season 3 Chapter 36.jpg "Chapter 36" 36 10 February 27, 2015
Frank needs to deal with Petrov one on one while Claire tries to preserve the peace-keeping mission. Sacrifices must be made.
Season 3 Chapter 37.jpg "Chapter 37" 37 11 February 27, 2015
Things turn ugly when Frank, Jackie, and Heather square off during their first debate. Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail.
Season 3 Chapter 38.jpg "Chapter 38" 38 12 February 27, 2015
Heather Dunbar goes for the jugular, forcing Claire to confront her worst fears. The rift between Frank and Claire widens.
Season 3 Chapter 39.jpg "Chapter 39" 39 13 February 27, 2015
In the midst of the Iowa caucuses, Frank and Claire must confront hard truths about each other.

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Behind the Scenes

  • Critics and viewers have drawn parallels between Francis' presidency to that of current President Barack Obama and the executive decisions and events that have transpired since his entering into office.
  • Claire's status as First Lady has also drawn parallels to that of current First Lady Michelle Obama--particularly aspects that have been deemed "controversial" in the public eye by conservative politicians and conservative citizens.
  • Francis' introducing of his program "America Works" (or AmWorks) has also been compared to the introduction of "ObamaCare"--both were met with praise and criticism and are very much a part of political debate.
  • Claire's criticism of the Russian President Viktor Petrov was compared to the widespread criticism and controversy of current Russian President Vladimir Putin in regards to human rights.


Though the season was met with positive feedback, many viewers and critics were skeptical of the dismissal of season two's major events, such as Francis' murdering of Zoe Barnes; Janine's and Lucas's personal investigation and knowledge of Underwood's dark side; and many "plot holes" (from season 2) that detracted from season three's story arch. Early reviews even criticized the lack of twists that were presented in seasons one and two and felt that the characters of Francis and Claire deserved more to act on in terms of plot.

Season 3 Episodes

301. "Chapter 27"
302. "Chapter 28"
303. "Chapter 29"
304. "Chapter 30"
305. "Chapter 31"

306. "Chapter 32"
307. "Chapter 33"
308. "Chapter 34"
309. "Chapter 35"
310. "Chapter 36"

311. "Chapter 37"
312. "Chapter 38"
313. "Chapter 39"

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