Slugline is a web-based newspaper headquartered in Washington, D.C. Its current CEO is Carly Heath.

Season 1

Though given a variety of options for a new workplace after being fired from the Washington Herald, Zoe Barnes decided to apply at Slugline because of its more casual and less regulated atmosphere.

Due to her previous media appearances while working at the Herald, she soon rose to become its most important representative, covering the 2013 Teacher's Strike and passage of the Education Reform and Achievement Act.

Slugline also notably covered the Pennsylvania gubernatorial special election after former Herald White House Correspondent Janine Skorsky was persuaded to join by Zoe. She interviewed Democratic candidate Congressman Peter Russo on his history of drug addiction and further attempted to discover who the DCCC was going to have run for his old seat after his alleged suicide.

Season 4

After Barnes' death and Skorsky's move to her mother, Slugline is later mentioned in Season 4 - when they publish an article reporting on the rumors regarding a separation between Frank and Claire.

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