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Steve Jones was an officer of the Metropolitan Police Department who also served as the personal bodyguard and driver for then-House Majority Whip Frank Underwood.


Steve was mentioned to had been serving the Underwoods for at least eight years before the events of the series.

When the dog belonging to the Underwoods' neighbors was hit by a car and subsequently put out of its misery by Frank in Chapter 1, Steve initiated the successful investigation to find the driver responsible.

Later in the episode, Steve worked with Doug Stamper to recover what was left of the half-shredded education draft from a dumpster outside the House congressional offices.

He was later on medical leave for a suspected gallbladder infection and temporarily replaced by Edward Meechum. However, he was eventually found to have stage four pancreatic cancer and not given long to live. Claire visits him twice in hospital, and he confessed that he had 'hated' Frank for the eight years he has been working for the Underwoods, and secretly loved Claire. Claire responded with a mix of disdain that Steve viewed her as a kept trophy wife, and distaste that he was impotent enough not to take what he wanted. On Steve's deathbed she reveals how Frank proposed, promising that she would never be bored, which paints him in sharp contrast to her many other suitors. She gives Steve a partial hand job in order to reveal her true nature as as much a cynical, capable heavyweight as her husband, and destroy the false image of her Steve has held on a pedestal.

After his passing, Claire convinces Frank to pay for his family's funeral expenses.

Behind the Scenes

Steve was portrayed by Chance Kelly in Season 1 of House of Cards.


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