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Steve (July 15th 1960 – August 12th 2013) was a bodyguard and driver for Frank Underwood, whom he had worked for in 8 years.


Steve was the driver and bodyguard of Frank Underwood. When the dog of the Underwoods' neighbors was hit by a car and Frank put it to death, Steve initiated the successful investigation for the driver.

He was on medical leave for a suspected gallbladder infection, and was replaced by Edward Meechum. However he was later found to have terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer. While he stayed at the hospital, Janet was with him every day. Claire Underwood came to visit him in the last few weeks of his life, and Steve told about how he had been looking at her during the 8 years. He also revealed that he hated Frank. Claire rejected him, sensually touched him with her hands under his bed sheet, and offered to pay for his funeral.

Steve eventually died, and got his funeral paid for by the Underwoods.

Behind the Scenes

Steve was portrayed by Chance Kelly in Season 1 of House of Cards.


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