Steven "Steve" Travers was the Underwood Administration's former Secretary of Homeland Security.


It's little to nothing specific known about Travers career before Season 3, but it is hinted that he has been in the intelligence community for some time during his phone call with Kate Baldwin.

Season 3

Steven Travers was appointed to be Secretary of Homeland Security by then-President Garrett Walker in 2013. He became a member of the Underwood Administration upon Walker's resignation.

In 2015, he was forced to resign by Frank Underwood after he objected to the use of FEMA money to fund America Works. By firing Travers, Underwood was able to get FEMA to report directly to him and gained control of the Disaster Relief Fund, until a new Secretary was sworn in.

Though fired, Travers was to continue "acting" in his role until Frank had decided to announce his departure when he thought it would receive little attention. However, after Wall Street Telegraph reporter Kate Baldwin contacted him regarding AmWorks, Travers revealed he was to resign as well as Frank's intentions.

Afterwards, Frank had Travers leave before the planned time once he discovered he had disclosed information to the media.

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