Tammy is the pseudonym of a waitress employed at the Adaho Gaming Casino.


Her real name is never revealed, but she has a relatively important role, when she helps Doug Stamper, who visited the Casino in Chapter 20, to find out more information about money laundering, that eventually is being processed through Lanagin's Casino.

She noticed, that Doug is recovering alcoholic (AA) as she, but only one instead of his 14 years.

Way of money (needs separate article)

She tells Doug that about 30-50 very wealthy Chinese residents are visiting the Casino every year and that there is a whole étage reserved for them. Doug, with help of Doyle, finds out, that the airline that is being contracted for the transport of the Chinese is in ownership of Xander Feng. Additionally, there were 38 Chinese trips to Kansas City since 2005.

This info is crucial for Ayla Sayyad, to whom the info was leaked, causing a wide-spectrum media "massacre" involving the White House, eventually leading to the resignation of then-President Garrett Walker.

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