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The subject of this article appeared in the U.S. TV series.

Theodore "Ted" Brockhart is a United States military General and eventual running mate for 2016 Republican Nominee Will Conway.


Brockhart served under multiple administrations, including President Garrett Walker and President Francis Underwood.

Critical of Pres. Underwood's unwillingness to combat the Islamic Caliphate Organization (ICO), Brockhart resigned in protest, denouncing the inaction as self-serving politics.

Such criticism alligned him with Conway, who was just as outspoken. The two formed a strong presidential ticket that centered around national defense, specifically toughness on terrorism.

His closest allies are those of Max Braegher, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Mark Usher, chairman of the Conway presidential campaign.

He and Braegher received their Four Star commissions around the same time, and maintained a close friendship ever since. This connection lead to corruption when Braegher began to contradict Pres. Underwood's foreign policy and demanded a full scale evacuation of D.C. during a terror threat, both of which were damaging to the Underwood re-election campaign and benefited the Conway-Brockhart ticket.

Usher is also a long time Brockhart sympathizer. When the Electoral College became deadlocked, Usher prioritized Brockhart to be elected Vice President by the Senate, and cared little of Conway's House of Representatives vote for President.

Behind the Scenes

Ted Brockhart was portrayed by Colm Feore in Seasons 4 and 5 of House of Cards.


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