Ted Havemeyer is a member of the United States House of Representatives from California. He is a member of the Democratic Party and former friend of Jackie Sharp.


Havemeyer is a long-serving Representative from California and close associate of Jackie Sharp. He is married to Diane Havemeyer, with whom he has two sons. At some point during his career, he engaged in an affair with his housekeeper Cathalina, who later gave birth to his daughter Emily (who suffers from cerebral palsy). Although he has never met his illegitimate daughter, he cares deeply for her; paying for the best treatment and care for her condition. In 2001 he became opponents with Wes Buchwalter, sabotaging his race for Senate by funding his opponent who later won.

Season 2

Upon hearing rumors that his close friend Jackie Sharp is entering the race for House Majority Whip to replace the outgoing Frank Underwood, he offers to financially back her to make up for her lack of experience. By backing Jackie he would also gain a direct line to Bob Birch, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Havemeyer is later betrayed by Jackie, who, in order to secure her win in the race divulges the details of his affair to the media for Wes Buchwalter, his longtime opponent. This marked the end of his friendship with Jackie, with Ted stating, "You'll make an excellent whip, Jacqueline. Now please get out of my office."

He later briefly reappears, having been forced to retire from politics, while Remy Danton is attempting to find incriminating information on behalf of Raymond Tusk. In looking to hold something against Jackie Sharp, Remy asks Ted questions regarding his resignation and specifically wants to know whether Jackie had anything to do with it. Ted, while seemingly weighing his options, decides not to divulge anything.

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