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Tim Corbet (born June 8, 1959) is a former friend of Frank Underwood, who owns a rafting company.


Tim went to the Sentinel with Frank, Kenny, and Phil, where he sang with them as members of the Riflemen Singers.

He eventually met up at the renaming of a library and got drunk with his three friends, where he and Frank proceed to have a discussion regarding the relationship they had in college which involved numerous homosexual trysts. He describes their relationship as "brothers." Frank counters that they were "more than brothers." Time then says that they lost touch when he joined the U.S. Army and moved to Colorado. He loves white water rafting because of the quick thinking you have to do when paddling.  

During the conversation about their time in college, Tim tells Frank that he has "children older than we were back then."  It is indicated during Season 3, that Tim has children that are now in college.

He operates a white water rafting company in Salida, Colorado.

In Season 3, Tim calls Frank to inform him that Thomas Yates, Frank's writer, reached out to him to talk about the Sentinel. Tim said that he would love to help with the book but he had to ask Thomas to call him back because he was in a rush but actually meant to speak to Frank first to check if it is ok.

In season 5, it is indicated that Tim went missing while rafting on the Arkansas River.

Behind the Scenes

Tim Corbet was portrayed by David Andrews in Seasons 1 and 3 of House of Cards.


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