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Tim Stamper was one of Francis Urquhart's most loyal supporters in the latter's rise to power to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. However, over time this unscrupulous dedication began to wane, principally because of Stamper's ambition to be Prime Minister himself. This eventually led to his assassination.



In addition to being uniquely dedicated to Francis Urquhart, Tim Stamper additionally seemed to have taken experience from him in regards to negotiation tactics. Both were often slippery, dubious, and threatening, intending to create fear within opponents and advocates.

Rise and fall

Stamper had long been anxious to advance in the political ranks of Westminster, and he finally received his wish when Urquhart became Prime Minister. Stamper was swiftly promoted to the rank of Chief Whip, and then further to Chairman of the Conservative Party. However, Stamper had been concurrently collecting evidence of Urquhart's murder of Mattie Storin, intending to use it against the Prime Minister and have a leadership contest held, to which Stamper would hope to emerge as Britain's new Prime Minister. Urquhart found out about this plan with the help of Sarah Harding, and had both Stamper and Harding assassinated with car bombs.


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