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UK USA Similarity Differences
Francis Urquhart Francis Underwood
  • Both share first name and last initial.
  • Both are betrayed by their party leader after wanting to become foreign secretary (secretary of state American equivalent)
  • Both of them take their revenge.
  • Underwood might be derived from the name Urquhart which is "variously translated from the Gaelic, including 'woodside', or 'by a rowan wood', or 'fort on a knoll' ("Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia" by George Way, 1998)
  • Both "break the fourth wall" by talking direct to the viewing audience through the camera.
  • They both have an assassination attempt on them.
  • Different second name (though may be derivative, see similarities).
  • Urquhart is from a very privileged family, while Underwood had to work his way up.
  • Underwood survives the assassination attempt, while Urquhart does not.
Elizabeth Urquhart Claire Underwood
  • Both are Francis's wife and strongest supporter.
  • Names.
Henry Collingridge Garret Walker
  • Both are leaders of their countries.
  • Both betray Francis on their promise.
  • Names.
Mattie Storin Zoe Barnes
  • Journalists
  • Both young and new on their beats, both door-step Francis to create a mutually beneficial relationship with him as a confidential source
  • Both have affairs with Francis
  • Both are murdered by Francis
  • Names.
Roger O'Neill Peter Russo
  • Both are made servants for Francis.
  • Both have drug problems.
  • Both are murdered by Francis when they are no longer of use.
  • Names.
  • Roger O'Neill holds no elected office, while Peter Russo is a U.S. Representative.
Tim Stamper Doug Stamper
  • Surnames.
  • Both help Francis gain power.
  • Surnames
  • Tim Stamper is an elected Member of Parliament, while Doug Stamper worked as Frank's chief of staff.
  • Tim Stamper is murdered by Francis.