The following are members of the Underwood family.

Augustus Underwood

Corporal Augustus Elijah Underwood was a Confederate soldier who died serving with the 12th South Carolina Infantry Regiment of McGowan's Brigade at the Battle of Spostsylvania, specifically at the Bloody Angle on May 12, 1864 during the American Civil War. Augustus was Frank's great-great-great grandfather, was 24 years old and had a son that was 2.

Calvin Underwood

Calvin Underwood was Frank Underwoods Father. He ran a small Farm in Gaffney with which he could barely provide for his family. Once he had to beg the Ku Klux Klan to influence the local Bank to extend a loan of 5000 $ and not forclose the farm.

Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood (born April 8, 1965) is the 48th First Lady of the United States, former US Ambassador to the United Nations and wife of President Francis "Frank" Underwood. Till the movement into the White House, she was also the CEO of Clean Water Initiative.

Claire is from Dallas, precisely from Highland Park. She comes from a very wealthy family of farmers.

Frank Underwood

Francis Joseph “Frank” Underwood (born November 5, 1959) (D-SC) is the 46th and current President of the United States, assuming office after the resignation of President Garrett Walker, and formerly acted as the majority whip for the United States House of Representatives, serving South Carolina's 5th district. Along with Doug Stamper (Francis' chief of staff), his wife Claire Underwood, and publicist Seth Grayson he gradually began to get revenge for being snubbed as Secretary of State by President Walker and eventually manipulated his way to becoming Vice President and after a time, the President of the United States.

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Frank Underwood
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