The Wall Street Telegraph is the second largest daily newspaper in the United States. It headquarters are in New York City, New York. It has an overseas bureau in London, England.

Season 2

Wall Street Telegraph S2

Ayla Sayyad in the Telegraphs New York headquarters.

The Telegraph is represented by Ayla Sayyad as part of a press pool trailing Vice President Frank Underwood in Spotsylvania County, VA.

The Wall Street Telegraph later reports on the Chinese government's involvement with the Port Jefferson Bridge linking Port Jefferson, New York and Milford, Connecticut over the Long Island Sound — a project of major importance to the President's domestic agenda — which the U.S. government's Committee on Foreign Investment had been planning to let a Chinese company build in return for a 25-year toll collecting contract. Once the report reaches China, the Chinese press immediately connects the leak with Xander Feng.

Season 3

Wall Street Telegraph

President Underwood reads Kate Baldwins articles criticizing him.

The Telegraph's White House Correspondent Ayla Sayyad is removed after antagonizing Frank Underwood about his stance of gay rights. The Telegraph proceeds to publish articles regarding both the President used FEMA money to fund America Works and how he fired Homeland Security Secretary Steven Travers for objecting to the potentially illegal plan. The newspapers senior management refuses to publish an article detailing the tyrannical leadership of Frank Underwood written by Kate Baldwin, claiming it is too opinionated and not in line with its usual reporting.


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